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Your Local Marketing Starts With Your Local Website


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Your local website is the core of your online presence and your local marketing.


The purpose of your local website is to get you leads. Local leads and customers are vital to the continued success and growth of your local business. See samples. Click Here


1.) You can build your website for the long-haul by doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to try to gain long-term, more permanent free positioning, also known as organic rankings in Google. There are many moving parts involved in this. All of our websites are built with on-page SEO, factored in. (The website itself)




2.) Your other option is to pay for traffic. Create a compelling Landing or Squeeze Page highlighting your offer and then pay Google, Yahoo, Bing, or all 3 of them to drive traffic to that particular page of your website. When doing paid campaigns, you can also do pay-per-call, which is similar to pay-per-click, PPC.


In either scenario, 1 or 2, you want to offer a CTA, Call To Action or a compelling offer, a lead-magnet (White-paper, E-Book, How To Guide) to get that website visitor to raise their hand. Basically provide them something valuable, to where they are willing to give you their email address, or preferably their first name and email address in exchange for your lead-magnet, or coupon.


It's proven that it takes 7-10 interactions or contacts/touches, from you, to build the trust of your new prospect. By capturing their contact information, this gives you an opportunity to email them with regularly scheduled email marketing messages. This shows that you are the expert and gives them a reason to choose you when they need your product or service.


With all of our holidays, throughout the year, it's actually very easy to stay in touch with your prospects. Using local email marketing campaigns, via an automated Autoresponder is an ideal way to build a long term bond with local prospects and turn them into lifelong customers. Let the technology work for you.


Many local service businesses are fortunate to have people Affordable Web Design Imagecalling them right now, or today based on an immediate need like plumbing or an A/C repair. Other businesses that cater to bigger, but more infrequent purchases like auto buyers or home buyers need an ongoing drip email follow-up plan to help establish those relationships.


Wether you get emergency repair, local customers, or bigger ticket buyer customers, it's always a good idea to stay uppermost in their mind with email.


It all starts with your local website. Direct all of your local marketing and online marketing efforts back to the pages on your website that are promoting your specific offers, or marketing messages.


As you can see, having a website for your local business is necessary. Let your local marketing, in conjunction with your website work for you 24/7/365. See samples. Click Here



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When a local Prospect or Customer searches the Internet using a buying keyword phrase for your product or service. Where are you in local search?

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That's us Get Local Marketing, and our Wordpress website design service based on highly optimized local search terms.

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Using the Internet for all things to promote your small business branding and advertising strategy.

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